Boss Pets and Crown Plants

  • Myth Sprite - Kill Rattlebones between 5-10 times.
  • Pink Dandilion (Crowns Only Plant) - Kill random Krokotopia bosses.
  • Ghoul - Kill Grubb (Sunken City Final boss) 5-10 times.
  • Heckhound - Buy at Krokosphinx for 1500 Gold.
  • Blue Mander - Buy at Krokosphinx for 1500 Gold.

Time tracmormation

If you get a tranceformatinon for 1 hour or so log out log back on and the timer will start again.

How to get cheaper pets

Go to the pet shop. Buy any pet you like but you will get most cheap pets if you will buy them in brown colour. If you don't like this coulour, go to the paint shop and change to the colour you like. This will be more cheaper. Hope I helped. Have a good day. Add me if you see me. My name is anna spellcloud and roslyn rainbow fountain.

How To Get a Permanent Mount

First go to the Wizard101 crown shop located at the top left corner of your screen. Second go to temporary mounts. Third click on a temporary mount that costs gold, or if you have a lot of crowns you can buy one with crowns either one will work.They only have 7 day ones, so pick a 7 day mount you like not all of them are for gold. Then buy it with crowns or [i]gold, I picked gold. After that go to your computer clock and press on change time and date. You will have to put it 9 days ahead. Once you do that log out of the character you used to buy it. Then log back it, you will notice that the timer is now all 0s. Once the 9 days have passed you will have a permanent mount and you can switch your clock back.

Tiger Dragon

Enter the code 6979D-3L8W5-39PLM-4L82Q and make a single purchase of $6 or more to get a Tiger Dragon and 1250 non transfer Crowns.

Get All Rank Three life spells

Go to Moolinda Wu And jump three times facing her. Then you get all rank three life spells

You'r Pet Disappears

Go to the fire school tower in Ravenwood, then go to Dalia Falmea's desk, from there go to the fire shield behind a cauldron, run toward it. And if you have a Pet equipped it will run up the wall!!!

Crown Code

  • 74847-19125-65912-68821 - gives you free crowns for wizard101

Wizard101 Free Pet Code

This will give you a tiger dragon and 1250 Crowns Just Type in the code and make a single purchase of $6 or more.

  • 6979D-3L8W5-39PLM-4L82Q - Tiger Pet , 1250 non tranfer Crowns

Gold x10!

Walk to Ravenwood Fire School, stand on the left side of dalia falmea and then do 2 spins. Walk to the Myth School and do the same thing around Cyrus Drake. After doing that wait 15 seconds and check your SPELLBOOK. Check the CHARACTER section and you see you have x10 gold that you had!
example- 200 gold + CHEAT = 2000 gold.

Promo Codes

Go to and login. Click Redeem Card or Code. Click Wizard101 promotional codes. Type in my codes!

  • frog - 500 gold
  • summerdragon - summer dragon
  • spell - necklace
  • gamma - necklace
  • wizard - necklace
  • land - housing item
  • casle - housing item
  • house - housing item

Add damage to your spell lessen the damage done to you

When defeating a something (most effective on bosses), press either Shift or Ctrl and then the up arrow key to increase the damage done on your opponent. Press either Ctrl or Shift and the down arrow key to lessen tha damage on you. Press the shift/Ctrl keys when the opponent is making the symbol. Press the arrow key when the spell is just about to hit you.

  • Shift/Ctrl+ up arrow keys - increase damage
  • Shift/Ctrl+down arrow keys - decrease damage
  • Shift+Ctrl+up - use on bosses
  • Shift+Ctrl+down - use on yourself when attacked by a powerful spell


Boss pets and crown plants for free!

  • myth sprite - kill rattlebones 5 - 10 times
  • pink dandilion (crowns only plant) - kill random krokotopia bosses
  • ghoul - kill grubb (sunken city final boss) 5 - 10 times
  • heckhound - buy at krokosphinx for 1500 gold
  • blue mander - buy at krokosphinx for 1500 gold

How to get a heckhound pet

  1. go to the Krokosphinx in Krokotopia
  2. there will be a mander under a small stand. just keep looking until you find him
  3. talk to the mander and go to the pet section.
  4. there will be a heckhound as well as a blue mander
  5. both cost 1500 gold


Fast Glitch from Brittany Jade Spear

To do the speed glitch,you have to close your page for a couple of minutes to change your computer time for 2 months. so I changed my clock to June 2013.I was attempting to do a code,secret,or cheat not sure which.Anyways,the cheat didn't work and I discovered this glitch. sorry for any spelling mistakes.

Invisibility Glitch

If you're looking for a cheat that makes your pet invisible too, this glitch doesn't do it. sorry. You'll need:
1. a Friend
2. a Floor Brazier (you can buy this from the bazaar, under the decoration section. it kind of looks like a bracket with fire on top)
3. Royal Playhouse (you can buy this at the castle store, in the shopping district. the castle is the one that costs 15000 gold)
First, get your friend to teleport to you while you're inside your Castle. (anywhere is good. as long as you're not inside the house in the castle)
Second, then trap your friend with the floor brazier. (this may take a few tries)
Third, go inside the house, and teleport to your friend. Teleport to them again.
Pick up the floor brazier (you cannot move it!)
you should be invisible.

Second teleporting glitch

Some times you go into a tunnel to some ware and teleport back three steps but only if you keep runing.

Floating glitch

When it is loading for you to go some where like ravenwood keep clicking spacebar and then when it is done loading you should be floating in the air.

How to get crown items for free

First click on the crown item you want for 30-60 minutes.

Mid-air pet glitch

First equip a pet. Then go to the fire tower. Then go to the picture of dalia falmea and run into the corner. Then turn and your pet should be standing in mid-air. Keep in mind: do not turn or move or your pet will come down.

Invisible glitch!

Here's how to make your character invisible- you have to have somebody online on your friend list. You go to the friend list and click a random person's name so that the little menu comes up. Then you press 'go to location' and when it asks you yes or no, you say yes. Then RIGHT after you click yes you have to press the trade button on the menu fast. Then you will be invisible! Your pets can't turn invisible, though.

Have a pet disobey you

First, go to the room in krokotopia where there are like, five flights of stairs. Then when you are about to go up the first flight of stairs, make sure your pet is at the left side of you. Then walk up the first stair, and stay very close to the edge of the left side. When You do so, Your pet will be at the bottom of the stairs!


Ways to get gold

first way
First,don' t spend your gold too much.Then fight on battles and make sure you win all of them.Then check your back pack see all the things you earned from the battles if some of them is the same,cant be used on your kind of school,not your level or you don,t want them then, sell them on the bazaar,click the quick sell button or feed them to your pet and what ever you get back sell them.

second way
or if you don't want to battle you can play grub guardian or some mini games on either or in wizard 101 games.

third way
third way is if you have any extra wizard and don't want them anymore you can put some of their items on shared bank,delete them and then go to you regular wizard and check your shared bank and move the items from the shared bank to your backpack and sell them or feed them to your pet

fourth way
the fourth way is completing quests

fifth way
sell things don 't need

sixth way
find reagents and sell them

seventh way
install gold generator

eighth way
buy gold

ninth way
use cheats

tenth way
craft stuff and sell

eleventh way
leveling up fast

Permanent Mount Cheat

Get any mount you desire.log out to scroll the days ahead .(do a year if you dare)log back in and ride your mount for as long as you want.(WARNING:you might be kicked from the game forever.)

Saving progress in a dungeon

Before entering a dungeon the narrator tells you that if you leave a dungeon your progress will be deleted. Not completely true. That's only if you leave the dungeon alive, in other words, if you die in a dungeon the progress will remain as long as you don't quit or log out. For example, in "Sunken City" in one tower you fight 3 scarlet screamers, if you kill one and the others kill you, then when you return there will only be 2 to fight. Another example is in "The Emperor's Retreat" you have to beat bosses to open a door. If you unlock the door, yet die afterwards, when you return that door will still be open.

Extra pet

The first boss in krokatitopa gives you either a myth [or a storm] lepecaun.

How to fly

If you want to fly in the game you first have to run then jump and then you hold the tab at the top and then other people can see You flying but you cant see your self flying.


Making treasure cards

Go to the library and buy Tough or Keen Eyes treasure cards. Add them to your spell deck, then get in a battle (Lost Souls in Unicorn Way recommended due to the easy difficulty). Right Click a weak card in your deck, then press the "Draw" button. Click on the Tough or Keen Eyes treasure card then click your strongest card.

Higher Chance Of getting rare items from bosses

Every boss has a rare item and if you desperately want to get them do this
1) Fight for up to seven to ten rounds
2) Always take out the minion first
3) Use a rank 5 spell on the boss like Minotaur, Phoenix, Anything as long as it kills the boss at the end
4) Enjoy your rare item
5) there is a 30% chance you wont get what you are looking for but keep trying youll get it

Fast way to get money

First battle random things in haunted cave and after 10 to 20 battles go to the bazaar and sell everything you got from your battles. After that your money should be at least over 1000.

Pick your Wizard Type

OK if you want to pick your Wizard Type I will tell you how: On the test part where you create your Wizard there should be a button somewhere called SKIP THE TEST and you you get to pick

Gathering money after subscribe is gone

If your a member and your subscribe is over here what you do. If your up to the point to where you can go in Lord NightShade tower this is good because you know how to beat him already. Just go in by yourself or with 3-4 people (make sure they are 10 or over depending on if your a healer or not) beat him and you will get 30-90 money and the items you get from him just sell it and keep on doing this. I got from 300 to 964 in two battles and got his attacking treasure card of him and most of the items I got were good money to sell them. HOPE i WAS HELPFUL!

Heal Advantage

Usually when your a healer you a vulnerable to people attacking you in a p v p match right. Here a well known thing I did to give me advantage to attack while healing yourself at the same time. Be a Life student and choose death as your back up school of training points. the choices of these schools in line will give you a Heal advantage while attacking at the same time.


The Official Wizard101Central Pet Guide


Forever undergoing Maintenance, until the game ends.

I would like to thank everyone for their donation of time/pictures/effort/knowledge in making this the thread that it is today. Without all of you helping, this thread would not be what it is today and for that I wanted to acknowledge your donations. Thank You 

These pets are available only from the Crowns shop (All year round)

Samoorai - 7,500 - School: LIFE
Therizinosaurus - 9,500- School: BALANCE
Frilled Lizard - 6,000 - School: ICE

Pet Shop, Pet Pavilion and Free (Quest Reward) Pets 

Imp - 308 Gold - School: LIFE 
Bloodbat - 308 Gold - School : MYTH 
Firecat - 431 Gold - School : FIRE 

Piggle - Price Varies by Dye Options *439 - 446 Gold - School : MYTH*
Dragon - Price Varies by Dye Options 553 - 574 Gold - School : BALANCE*
Unicorn - 554 Gold - School : LIFE


Blue Cyclops - Quest Reward Pet - A PENNY SAVED Quest (Prospector Zeke) - School : ICE 
Stray Piggle - Quest Reward Pet - PET SOUNDS Quest (Headmaster Merle Ambrose) - School : MYTH


Myth Sprite - Dropped by RattlebonesUnicorn Way Boss - School : MYTH 
Blue Ghost - Dropped by General Akilles, Cyclops Lane, General Akille's Keep - School : DEATH
Sprite - Dropped by Prince Alicane Swiftarrow, Firecat Alley, Fireglobe Theater - LIFE

Dark Sprite - Dropped by Bastilla Gravewynd, Firecat Alley, Bastilla's Bastion - School : DEATH
Midnight Sprite - Dropped by Lord NightshadeHaunted Cave, Stormdrain Tower - School : DEATH
Blue Banshee - Dropped by Lord Nightshade, Haunted Cave, Stormdrain Tower - School : ICE

Snow Serpent - Dropped by Prince Gobblestone, Colossus Boulevard, Gobblestone Castle - School : ICE 
Greater Imp - Dropped by Grubb, Nightside, Sunken City Instance (Also available from the Halloween Towers during Halloween) - School : LIFE 
Blue Cat Thug - Dropped by Grubb, Nightside, Sunken City Instance - School : STORM

Burning Pixie Dropped by Sylster Glowstorm also by Elephant Spectral Guardian School: FIRE
Pink Jellyfish Dropped by Sylster Glowstorm also by Elephant Spectral Guardian School: STORM

PVP and DERBY Pets can be obtained from Diego (Unicorn Way beside the Dueling Arena) and from Sir Nigel Higgenbottom(Inside the Pet Pavilion beside the tree n the left after entering) and can only be purchased with Arena Tickets and obtained by being the appropriate Rank to do so.

Diego Offers These Pets:

Storm Elf - 25 Arena Tickets - Rank to Purchase: Knight - School : STORM
Myth Imp - 250 Arena Tickets - Rank to Purchase: Commander - School : MYTH

Bronze Helephant - 750 Arena Tickets - Rank to Purchase: Captain - School : LIFE 
Magma Colossus - 1500 Arena Tickets - Rank to Purchase: Warlord - School : FIRE

Sir Nigel Higgenbottom Offers These Pets:

Striped Boar - 25 Arena Tickets - Rank to Purchase, Veteran - School : MYTH 
Blue Spider - 125 Arena Tickets - Rank to Purchase: Knight - School : ICE 
Dastardly Magician - 250 Tickets - Rank to Purchase: Captain - School : MYTH

Dark Crow - 750 Tickets - Rank to Purchase: Commander - School : DEATH
Crimson Spectre - 1250 Tickets - Rank to Purchase: Warlord - School : FIRE


Flamenco del Muerto - Available from Sir Nigel Higgenbottom, 9,000 Arena Tickets; Any Rank - School: DEATH
Charred Grimhorn - Available from Sir Nigel Higgenbottom, 8,000 Arena Tickets; Any Rank - School :FIRE
Drowned Grimhorn - Available from Sir Nigel Higgenbottom, 8,000 Arena Tickets; Any Rank - School: STORM

Frostbound Grimhorn - 
Available from Sir Nigel Higgenbottom, 7,000 Arena Tickets; Any Rank - School: ICE
Flamenco Tocador - 
Available from Sir Nigel Higgenbottom, 7,000 Arena Tickets; Any Rank - School: BALANCE
Flamenco Bailador - 
Available from Sir Nigel Higgenbottom, 6,000 Arena Tickets; Any Rank - School: LIFE

Flamenco Cantador - 
Available from Sir Nigel Higgenbottom, 5,000 Arena Tickets; Any Rank - School : Myth

There are two locations you can purchase pets in Krok. They are located in the Secret Shop in Krok and at the Krokosphinx.

Heckhound - Available From Rehim Bashala (Krokosphinx) 1846 Gold - School : FIRE 
Ice Salamander - Available From Rehim Bashala (Krokosphinx) 1853 Gold - School : ICE 
Krok - Available From Sed Talam (Secret Shop Vendor) 1846 Gold - School : MYTH


Inferno Cat - Dropped by Krokenkahmen, Throne Room of Fire, Palace of Fire - School : FIRE 
Fire Salamander - Dropped by Prince Manu Nirinni, Throne Room of Fire, Palace of Fire - School : FIRE 
Krokomummy - Dropped by Keeper of the Fang, Vault of Ice, Krokosphinx - School : DEATH

Ghoul - Dropped by Prince Suten Sokkwi, Emperor's Retreat, Krokosphinx - School : DEATH
Life Banshee - Dropped by King Uro Ahnic, Ahnic Family Tomb, Tomb of Storms - School : LIFE
Yellow Ghost - Dropped by King Shamet Djeserit, Djeserit Family Tomb, Tomb of Storms - School : DEATH

Mander - Dropped by Kiwu, Karanahn Barracks, Tomb of Storms - School : FIRE
Storm Salamander - Dropped by Prince Aka Karanahn, Karanahn Palace, Tomb of Storms - School : STORM
Fang Bat - Dropped by Crypt Scavanger - Djeserit Family Tomb, Tomb of Storm and by Krokopatra, Temple of Storms, Tomb of Storms - School : MYTH

Life Troll - Dropped by Krokopatra, Temple of Storms, Tomb of Storms - School : LIFE
Inferno Salamander - Dropped by Ngozi the Beguiler, Tomb of the Beguiler, Tomb of Storms - School : FIRE
Green Cat Thug - 1,650 Crowns - Dropped by Serket Gaurdian, Tomb of the Beguiler, Tomb of Storms - School : LIFE

Arctic Serpent - Dropped by Krokhotep, Emperor's Retreat, Krokosphinx - School : ICE

These pets are available from the Pet Vendor, Howard Angleton, located in Airdales Hideaway
(Behind Mayor Pimsbury in Digmoore Station) 

Wood Golem - 3075 Gold - School : BALANCE
Brass Golem - 3075 Gold - School : BALANCE
Cat Thug - 3075 Gold - School : BALANCE 


Frog - Dropped by Timmy Icepick, Chelsea Court: Shakes O'Leary, Chelsea Court: Jacques the Scratcher, Knights Court: Mikey the Brick, Knights Court, Scotland Yard Roof - School : MYTH
Black Spider - Dropped by Black Widow, Knights Court, Scotland Yard Roof - School : DEATH
Grumpy Snowman - Dropped by Jacques the Scratcher, Knights Court, Scotland Yard Roof - ICE 

Storm Serpent - Dropped by Clanker, Katzenstein's Lab, Scotland Yard Roof - School : STORM
Brown Rat Magician - Dropped by Dr. Von Katzenstein, Katzenstein's Lab, Scotland Yard Roof - School : MYTH
Evil Snowman - Dropped by Pop's O'Leary, The Ironworks, Digmoore Station - School : ICE

Pixie Queen - Dropped by Smogger, Katzenstein's Lab, Scotland Yard Roof - School : LIFE
Pixie Queen (w/card) - Dropped by Smogger, Katzenstein's Lab, Scotland Yard Roof, Marleybone : * IronsplinterIronsplinter's Forest, Savarstaad Pass, Grizzleheim - School : LIFE
Rat Magician - Dropped by Sprockets, Counterweight East, Royal Museum - School : MYTH

* As of now, there has been some debate over whether or not Ironsplinter actually drops the Fairy or not. Until further notice/proof then it is listed as a possible. Good luck to all and good luck with your pets.

Clockwork Golem - Dropped by Bellows, Counterweight West, Royal Museum - School : BALANCE
White Rat Magician - Dropped by Spike the Crusher, Big Ben, Royal Museum - School : MYTH
Krokotillian - Dropped by Meowiarty, Big Ben, Royal Museum - School : BALANCE

Seraph - Dropped by Stoker, Kensington Park, Digmoore Station - School : LIFE
Spider Golem - Dropped by Stoker, Kensington Park, Digmoore Station - School : BALANCE
Myth Ghoul - Dropped by Spike the Crusher, Big Ben, Royal Museum - MYTH

Dream Ghoul - 1,490 Crowns - Dropped by Meowiarty, Big Ben, Royal Museum - School : BALANCE

These pets are available from, Fida Hadochan, the Pet Vendor in Mooshu located in the shop behind Zeke and Eloise Merryweather, Jade Palace Shopping Area 

Goat Monk - 6,150 Gold - School : MYTH
Ninja Pig - 6,150 Gold - School : BALANCE
Brown Spider - 6,150 Gold - School : DEATH


Troll - Dropped by Grum Foultooth, Crimson Fields, Hametsu Village - School : MYTH
Firewing - Dropped by War Oni, Crimson Fields, Hametsu Village - School : FIRE
Myth Leprechaun - Dropped by Kanago, Cave of Solitude, Shoshun Village - School : MYTH Also Available from the Mega Gold Bundle given to fansites as part of March's St. Patrick's Day Celebrations.

Storm Bat - Dropped by Wavebringer, Shirataki Temple, Shoshun Village - School : STORM
Tough Troll - Dropped by Plague Oni, Shirataki Temple, Shoshun Village - School : LIFE
Life Scarab - Dropped by Plague Oni, Shirataki Temple: Shoshun Village - School: LIFE

Treant - Dropped by Oakheart, Village of Sorrow, Yoshihito Temple - School : LIFE
Green Ghost - Dropped by AkujiTree of Life, Yoshihito Temple - School : DEATH
Red Banshee - Dropped by Akuji, Yoshihito Temple - School : FIRE 

Minotaur - Dropped by Youkai, Tree of Life, Yoshihito Temple - School : MYTH
Death Bat - Kagemoosha, Tree of Life, Yoshihito Temple - School : DEATH
Dire Ghoul - Dropped by Death Oni, Tree of Life, Yoshihito Temple - School : DEATH

Leprechaun - Dropped by Death Oni, Tree of Life, Yoshihito Temple - School : LIFE Also Available from the Mega Gold Bundle given to fansites as part of March's St. Patrick's Day Celebrations.
Sunbird - Dropped by Ember Everburn, Ancient Burial Grounds, Yoshihito Temple - School : FIRE
Magma Spider - 2,440 Crowns - Dropped by War Oni, Crimson Fields, Hametsu Village - School : FIRE

Jade Oni - 7,430 Crowns - Dropped by The Jade Oni, Jade Palace, Mooshu, Malistaire, The Great Spyre, Dragonspyre. Dragon's Hoard Pack, Kirin's Hoard pack and the Phoenix Hoard Pack. 399 Crowns* - School : BALANCE 
Diseased Wildclaw - 2,095 Crowns - Dropped by Yakedo Crimson Fields, Hametsu Village - School : DEATH
Crabling - Dropped by Crazed Forest Spirit, Ancient Burial Grounds, Yoshihito Temple - School : BALANCE

*Individual Card Pack Price there is no guarantee that you will receive the pet upon initial transaction

Death Ninja - Dropped by Yakedo, Crimson Fields, Hametsu Village - School : DEATH

This pet is available from Olek Skyblaze , the Shoe and Pet Vendor in Dragonspyre, located in the Atheneum Shoe and Pet Shop, Dragonspyre

Crystal Spider - 12,298 Gold - School : ICE


Storm Snowman - Dropped by Sea Lord, Plaza of Conquest, The Atheneum - School : STORM
Death Cyclops - Dropped by General Greystone, Plaza of Conquests, The Atheneum, Skyvern's Hoard Pack, 399 Crowns* - School : DEATH
Fire Serpent - Dropped by Boris Blackrock, The Crucible, The Necropolis - School : FIRE 

*Individual Card Pack Price there is no guarantee that you will receive the pet upon initial transaction

Boss Banshee - Vladimir Darkflame, Labyrinth, The Necropolis - School : DEATH
Pale Maiden - 6,890 Crowns - Dropped by Vladimir Darkflame, Labyrinth, The Necropolis - School : DEATH
Queen Spider - Dropped by Yeva Spiderkeeper, The Crystal Grove, Dragonspyre Academy - School : ICE

Death Leprechaun - 4600 Crowns - Dropped by Vladimir Drakflame, The Labyrinth, The Necropolis - School : DEATHAlso Available from the Mega Gold Bundle given to fansites as part of March's St. Patrick's Day Celebration
Ianthine Spectre - Dropped by Gurtok Demon, Plaza of Conquest, The Atheneum - School : DEATH
Earthwalker - 10,280 Crowns - Dropped by Tumok Gravelbeard, The Maw, Malistaire Instance, 
The Great Spyre - School : LIFE

Red Gobbler - Dropped by Tumok Gravelbeard, The Maw, Malistaire Instance, The Great Spyre - School : MYTH
Skeletal Warrior - Dropped by Viktor Snowcrusher, Drake Hatchery, The Necropolis - School : DEATH
Stormhound - 14,960 Crowns - Dropped by Malistaire, The Great Spyre - School : STORM

Jade Oni - 7,430 Crowns - Dropped by The Jade Oni, Jade Palace, Mooshu, Malistaire, The Great Spyre, Dragonspyre. Dragon's Hoard Pack, Kirin's Hoard pack and the Phoenix Hoard Pack. 399 Crowns* - School : BALANCE

*Individual Card Pack Price there is no guarantee that you will receive the pet upon initial transaction

There is currently no Pet Vendor in Grizzleheim so currently all pets are drops

Mustard Troll - Dropped by Fleshrender, Vigrid Roughland - School : MYTH
Life Minotaur - Brownwood Tormentor, Nidavellir, Helgrind Warren - School : LIFE

Life Bat - Dropped by Grettir, Winterdeep Warren - School : LIFE
Silver Colossus - Dropped by Runed Devestator, Nidavellir, Hall of Valor - School : BALANCE
Zombie - Dropped by Lokar, Nidavellir, Hall of Valor - School : DEATH

Death Troll - Jotun, Nidavellir, Hall of Valor - School : DEATH
Ice Bird - Dropped by Nightwing, Ravenscar, Glacial Wastes - School : ICE
Firebat - Gurtok Barrier Demon, Ravenscar, The Citadel - School : FIRE

Silverback Wildclaw - Dropped by 4 Raven Elders, Raven Fortress, Ravenscar - School : MYTH
Red Cap - Crowns Shop and Jotun - School : MYTH
Storm Cat - Dropped by Herkir, Mikrholm Keep, Herkir's cave - School: Storm

Celestia Pets can be purchased from Wellington Fanshawe in Celestia Base Camp.

Sea Dragon - 12,500 Crowns - Dropped by Astraeus and by Mithraya, Trial of Spheres, Celestia Base Camp - School : FIRE 
Starfish - 12,251 Gold - Dropped by Queen Calypso, Calypso's Cavern, Crustacean Empire - School : ICE
Spinyfish - 6,200 Crowns - Dropped by Cuthalla, Summoning Pylons (Stormriven) - School : STORM

Sea Turtle - 5,200 Crowns - Dropped by Tempus Stormfist, Stormriven Hall - School : LIFE

Jellyfish - This Pet is a Free Quest Reward Pet ( Lunarium Tunes Quest) - School : DEATH 

Golden Piggle - Give after quest Crime Does Not Pay by Belladonna Crisp School : MYTH

Leopard - Crowns Shop, Belloq, Elephant Spectral Guardian, Kallah SilverbackNergal the Burned LionShaka ZebuTim-tim Snakeeye - School: FIRE
Skink- Crowns Shop, Belloq, Elephant Spectral Guardian, Kallah Silverback, Nergal the Burned Lion, Shaka Zebu, and Tim-tim Snakeeye - School:MYTH

Dread Grimoire- Crowns Shop and Lady of the Blue Dahlia - School:BALANCE
Raven - Crowns Shop and Black Annie - School: DEATH
Wolfhound- Crowns Shop and Pendragon - School: STORM

Hollow Knight - Crowns Shop, Drowned KnightMorag Bloodtine, and Moros Blunt - School : ICE


Black Spider - Quest Reward from The Smell of Prickly Bear.

Stormzilla - STORM School Pet
Ice Colossus - ICE School Pet
Helephant - FIRE School Pet

Hydra - BALANCE School Pet
Satyr - LIFE School Pet
Wraith - DEATH School Pet

Orthrus - MYTH School Pet

Kraken - STORM School Pet
Ice Wyvern - ICE School Pet
Phoenix - FIRE School Pet

Judgement - BALANCE School Pet
Forest Lord - LIFE School Pet
Scarecrow - DEATH School Pet

Humongofrog - MYTH School Pet

Triton STORM School Pet 
Mammoth ICE School Pet
Efreet FIRE School Pet

Chimera - BALANCE School Pet
Gnome - LIFE School Pet 
Bone Dragon - DEATH School Pet

Mythical Basilisk MYTH School Pet

(How to hatch a pet)

Go to The Pet Hatchery in the Pet Pavilion located in Wizard City Commons.
You must have an ADULT pet to hatch. Step on the platforms with a friend or by yourself (if you have 2 adult pets in backpack). Hatching cost's varies, depending on the age, & pedigree of the pets used in the hatching process.
Adult / Ancient / Epic
Prices range about 20,000 to 50,000 gold.

Special Thanks to Deathshard for bringing us all this information.
If you would like to see larger images of these pets, click on link below.

Illustrated Guide to Hybrids

Since these are Hybrids (and no two Hybrids will be identical) the stats of your pet may vary (up or down) from the stats listed here. The stats shown are for the purposes of identifying what card the pet will give at what age (level). The stats on Hybrids varies up and down depending so understand that if your pet does not reflect the same stats seen here, it is not wrong.

Level 48
School Pet Hybrids

Satyr Hybrids

Traveller Mix of Satyr & Orthrus
Woodland Haunter Mix of Satyr & Wraith
 Mix of Satyr & Hydra

Firewalker Mix of Satyr & Helephant
Frostcaller Mix of Satyr & Ice Colossus
Stormdancer Mix of Satyr & Stormzilla

Orthrus Hybrids

Jade Hound Mix of Orthrus & Satyr
Grimtooth Mix of Orthrus & Wraith
Cerberus Mix of Orthrus & Hydra

Inferno Hound
 Mix of Orthrus & Helephant
Ice Hound Mix of Orthrus & Ice Colossus
Tempest Hound Mix of Orthrus & Stormzilla

Frost Hound mix of Orthrus and Ice Colossus
This pet was previously not obtainable. It is however now obtainable as a mix and is the only combination of pets in game that now gives three possible outcomes when mixed. The Orthrus and Ice Colossus now create the Sandman, Ice Hound and now the ever popular Frost Hound.

Wraith Hybrids

Ghast Mix of Wraith & Satyr
Nightwalker (2) Mix of Wraith & Orthrus
Reaper Mix of Wraith & Hydra

Archfiend Mix of Wraith & Helephant
 Mix of Wraith & Ice Colossus
Tempest Mix of Wraith & Stormzilla

Hydra Hybrids

Reaver Mix of Hydra & Satyr
 Mix of Hydra & Orthrus
Darkreaver Mix of Hydra & Wraith

Helion Mix of Hydra & Helephant
Mix of Hydra & Ice Colossus
 Mix of Hydra & Stormzilla

Helephant Hybrids

Forest Oni Mix of Helephant & Satyr
War Oni Mix of Helephant & Orthrus
Death Oni
 Mix of Helephant & Wraith

Plague Oni Mix of Helephant & Hydra
Ice Oni Mix of Helephant & Ice Colossus
Maelstrom Oni Mix of Helephant & Stormzilla

Colossus Hybrids

Earth Elemental Mix of Ice Colossus & Satyr
 Mix of Ice Colossus & Orthrus
Mix of Ice Colossus & Wraith

Fatesealer Mix of Ice Colossus & Hydra
Inferno Colossus
 Mix of Ice Colossus & Helephant
 Mix of Ice Colossus & Stormzilla

Stormzilla Hybrids

 Mix of Stormzilla & Satyr
Mythzilla Mix of Stormzilla & Orthrus
Mix of Stormzilla & Wraith

Mix of Stormzilla & Hydra
Mix of Stormzilla & Helephant
Frostzilla Mix of Stormzilla & Ice Colossus

Level 58
School Pet Hybrids

These pets will carry the cards given by their look-alike parent.

Forest Lord Hybrids

Inferno Beast - Forest Lord and Phoenix
Cloud Beast - Forest Lord and Kraken
Wendigo - Forest Lord and Humongofrog

Humongofrog Hybrids

Gloom Toad - Humongofrog and Scarecrow
Flame Toad - Humongofrog and Phoenix
Frost Hopper - Humongofrog and Wyvern

Scarecrow Hybrids

Stormcaller - Scarecrow and Kraken
Tundra Warden - Scarecrow and Wyvern
Crop Watcher - Scarecrow and Forest Lord

Judgement Hybrids

Astral Judge - Judge and 
Fiery Judge - Judge and Phoenix 

Phoenix Hybrids

Shadow Phoenix - Phoenix and Scarecrow
Thunderbird - Phoenix and Kraken

Ice Wyvern Hybrids

Fire Wyvern - Ice Wyvern and Phoenix
Forest Crawler - Ice Wyvern and Forest Lord

Kraken Hybrids

Topaz Kraken - School: MYTH
Ice Kraken - School: ICE

Level 78
School Pet Hybrids 

These pets will carry the same base card that is given by the parent whose main appearance they inherit.

Gnome Hybrids

Rain Gnome - Gnome and Triton
Graveyard Gnome - Gnome and Bone Dragon
Desert Gnome - Gnome and Chimera
Fire Gnome - Gnome and Efreet

Bone Dragon Hybrids

Magma Dragon - Bone Dragon and Efreet
Glacier Dragon - Gnome and Mammoth 

Mythical Basilisk Hybrids

Void Basilisk - Mythical Basilisk and Bone Dragon
Tundra Basilisk - Mythical Basilisk and Mammoth
Cyclone Basilisk - Mythical basilisk and Triton
Desert Basilisk - Mythical Basilisk and Chimera
Forest Basilisk - Mythical Basilisk and Gnome

Efreet Hybrids

Marid - Efreet and Triton
Jinn - Efreet and Mammoth
Genie - Efreet and Mythical Basilisk

Mammoth Hybrids

Plains Mammoth - Mammoth and Gnome
Desert Mammoth - Mammoth and Chimera

Triton Hybrids

Mist Triton - Triton and Bone Dragon
Arctic Triton - Triton and Mammoth

Chimera Hybrids

Infernal Chimera - Chimera and Efreet
Oblivion Chimera - Chimera and Bone Dragon
Tempest Chimera - Chimera and Triton

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